Trewirgie Junior School

Our topic for the Spring Term 2020 is....

'What is the eighth Wonder of the World?'

During the spring term Year 5 will be researching the ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World.’ We will also be investigating ‘What makes a wonder?’ with the children making up their own criteria. They will involve making decisions about what is wonderous and how various countries and cultures perceive their national treasures.

Each class will be themed accordingly and decorated as:

5s – The Great Barrier Reef

5M – The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

5T – The Taj Mahal

We would love any artefacts relating to the Wonders that you may have at home. We are looking forward to our classrooms being a showcase of world class wonders.


In Science the children will be investigating how the wonders were made in ancient times, focusing on levers, pulleys and forces, We will also be discovering a range of cultural artists to motivate and inspire us.


Our Legacy outcome this term will be stories based on ‘The Seven Wonders’ with a moral, spiritual and cultural emphasis. These will be made into illustrated books that we will then sell to raise money for the children’s chosen charities. The main themes of the books will be historical, cultural and moral, as we aim to cover the rights of children, both in the UK and around the globe.


At the end of the term we intend to launch our books at Waterstones in Truro to give our children an enterprising, purposeful experience as well as honing their persuasive a language and resilience skills. We hope that you will be able to attend our book launch at the end of the term.

Wonders Learning Map Legacy Poster Noughts and Crosses



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Welcome to the Year 5 Team

Miss M. Saville

Head of Year

Class teacher 5S

Mrs. L.Tong

Class teacher 5T

Mrs. A. Mancini

Class teacher 5M

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