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Wider safety

Part of children's personal development is to be able to keep themselves safe. This aspect is wide ranging and will include planned and deliberate teaching, alongside response to situations. In this way, children also learn how to use and apply their knowledge and understanding to new situations. Below are a few examples of the school's curriculum around wider safety. 

First Aid

As part of a PSHE day, the children learn how to respond in an emergency, including how to administer basic first aid. This is run by parent experts (GPs, nurses and paramedics)

Emotional regulation 

As part of our wellbeing support for children with high ACEs they are supported to develop a range of strategies to help them to self regulate. 

 Safe use of equipment

As part of a Design Technology project the children learnt how to use a spray adhesive in order to fix their houses together. They learnt about the importance of protecting themselves from the fumes by wearing masks.

Car racing

As part of our wider curriculum some of our Year 5 children get to build and race a kit car. This can travel up to 25mph. Alongside the exhilaration and fun comes clear safety guidance and understanding. 

Beach safety 

Living in Cornwall it is important that our children have a healthy respect for the sea. Through talks from the RNLI, alongside teaching on visits to the beach the children learn to have fun while staying safe. They also learn how to call for help if needed. 


Outdoor pursuits

As part of the children's journey through the school, they will have the opportunity to engage in activities such as surfing, kayaking and high ropes. Through these children learn to have the exhilaration of such pursuits whilst keeping themselves safe. 


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