Trewirgie Junior School


Wider opportunities

The school's curriculum, alongside the planned personal development programme enables children to have access to and the opportunity to have a wide range of experiences. These experiences shape the children in a multitude of ways. They spark interests, unlock passions and talents. They also give children ambitions and goals. 

Regal Christmas Performance 

Each Year our Year 5 and 6 children get to perform in a real theatre. Through the clever creation of films, this ensures that every child has the opportunity to shine on the stage and enjoy this special experience. 


Year 6 finale

As a final finale, the Year 6 children create their own show for families, at the Regal Theatre. Part of this is looking at how the school's PD programme has sparked interests and passions and what this might lead to in the future. 

Voice in a Million 

As part of our wider curriculum the children have the opportunity to perform at the 02! This is an incredible experience and won that might spark a future career in the music industry. 

Outdoor pursuits

Through their time at Trewirgie the children have the opportunity to surf, climb high ropes, and paddle board. These opportunities open up potential hobbies and interests for the children. 

Embracing nature

Our curriculum allows children to develop a real interest and affinity with the outdoors. This teaches them a healthy understanding of the outdoor and how important this is for our own mental wellbeing. It also enables them to develop resilience through the learning tasks they are involved in. The children have a range of opportunities to engage with the outdoors.

Goblin  car

As part of the children's learning we enter the annual kit car racing competition. This year received £2000 in sponsorship. From this we have purchased a new kit car that a group of children are assembling from scratch. Once built they will race this competitively. This will involve a side range of knowledge and skills, alongside a possible passion in the future for engineering and cars. 

"Make a difference, have an impact, leave a legacy"
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