Trewirgie Junior School

Our topic for the Autumn Term 2021 is....

'How Cruel is Mother Nature?'

This term we will learning about natural disasters, how they occur and the impact they have. We will be finding out about which countries are most affected by these and how they adapt their living to minimise the impact of these acts of Mother Nature. Throughout the term we will be learning about the geography of earthquakes and the history of volcanoes. In Science we will be exploring the science behind flooding and how climate change is also having an impact on this. As part of our learning we will also be learning how to capture these incredible natural disasters through art. Going through a natural disaster will cause a huge amount of trauma and grief for communities and they will need a huge amount of resilience and community spirit to deal with these. With climate change we have seen that these natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more extreme. Only this summer there have been mass fires raging across California. So, what can we do to turn the tide? And how can we help people and communities when they happen? As part of our legacy project we aim to design and create comics for children who have been though a natural disaster. These will include tips, advice and hope too. We hope that going out into the public and talking about the impacts of natural disasters will: Make people stop and think about their actions on climate change and how this is exacerbating these, make them aware of the impact f these on children, families and communities and make them feel a part of helping these in these challenging circumstances. All the money raised will be going to WaterAid so that we can all play our part in making a difference to the lives of others. 


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Welcome to the Year 4 team

Mr. M. Moore

Head of Year

& Class teacher 4M 

Mr. N. Voisey 

Class teacher  4V

Mrs N. Hodson

Class teacher 4H

Assistant Headteacher

Miss  L. May

Class teacher 4L

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