Trewirgie Junior School

Our topic for the Spring Term 2020 is....

'How cruel is Mother Nature?'

This term, we will be looking at a range of natural disasters: how they occur and the impact this has on the world; how different countries are affected; and how people living there adapt to deal with these cruel acts of mother nature.


To start the topic off, we will have a guest visitor from ‘Save the Children’ and we will visit Shelter Box in Truro. This will give the children opportunities to see what these organisations do to help people in need who have been affected by a natural disaster. They will be finding out about tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, droughts and earthquakes.


As part of this project the children will be learning about the impact of these natural disasters on people’s lives and what precautions they take to survive. They will also be exploring whether there are measures we can take to help prevent these disasters. As part of the children’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths learning, they will be looking at how volcanoes occur as well as designing and making erupting volcanoes.


Our legacy outcome for this project will involve the children designing and producing pictures of natural disasters that can printed onto a range of memorabilia: tea-towels and jute bags. These will hopefully be on sale in Redruth, with all monies made being donated to Save the Children. 

Disasters Learning Map

Legacy poster Noughts and Crosses



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