Trewirgie Junior School


During the lockdown, children were provided with weekly writing tasks, spellings and a grammar exercise that matched their writing activity. Children did not write as much as normal during the lockdown period and therefore have needed to catch up with some of their writing skills.


The daily hour of English has been extended to ensure that children are given real opportunities to write and catch up.  In addition to this, members of the school leadership team are carrying out other small group interventions each week to support identified children. There are early signs showing that these interventions are helping children to make strong progress in their writing.


The school's wider curriculum continues to play a significant part in the development of children's writing. Children have frequent opportunities to write across the wider curriculum, in addition to their daily English lessons. 


In October 2020 a teacher from each group will  take part in a training programme called, ‘Teachers as Writers’. This will further enable them enhance children's writing and enable them to catch up. 



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