Trewirgie Junior School


A key focus this year will be placed on children and staff’s wellbeing. As a school we will be focusing on developing emotional resilience, for both staff and children.

 For staff it is adapting to new practices, working in different ways, and responding to the changing advice and guidance. This will require a huge amount of team spirit, positivity, adaptability and resilience.

 Below shows an overview of key provision in place linked to wellbeing. Above is universal, whereas below the blue line shows the range of support and expertise available for our more vulnerable children. This will be key to enabling them to manage and deal with their lived lives throughout lockdown as they transition back to school.

We have adapted our approaches and practice to enable us to spend a greater degree of time on wellbeing. Such changes include all children being able to experience, Art, Dance, Music and PSHE across the school year. This will give children the opportunity to learn how to use these as an emotional outlet and, through these develop a range of strategies and approaches to enable them to develop and maintain good mental health and resilience.

 Within our Learning to Learn we will have a clear focus on two elements this year:


 This will enable the children, through all of their learning, to develop the ability to be comfortable to make mistakes in their learning, to persevere in the face adversity and to learn to support others on this journey too.





























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