Trewirgie Junior School


We are currently in a national lockdown. All schools are only open to children of critical workers and vulnerable children. For the rest of our children they have now moved to remote learning. This can be accessed through Class DoJo.

As best possible, we will replicate the learning that is happening in school for those children who are at home. All learning will mirror the school’s usual curriculum, with adaptations made as required. As an example, planned science lessons may alter to allow for the fact that specific resources may not be available. If you need help or support setting this up please email your child's year group email for help and support. 

Remote Learning 

It is really important that your child is engaging on a daily basis with the school's remote learning. Each day will begin with a daily catch up on Zoom. This will be followed by Maths, English and foundation subject lessons. The day will end with a chapter of the year group class read. Within each week there will be opportunities for your child to tune in and spend time with a teacher if there are aspects of their Maths or English that they have found difficult. This daily  structure gives a routine to your child's day. The children made huge strides in the autumn term and we began to close the gaps in their learning. It is really important that this does not slide. 

If there are any reasons why you are unable to access the learning or your child is struggling to engage with it, please make sure that you contact your child's year group through class DoJo. They will be their best to support you with this.


 If you require a paper pack for your child, please contact you child's year group. The completed work should be borough into school each Monday in exchange for a new paper pack. 

Key policies and user agreements 

Remote Learning Policy

Remote Learning Practice

How we will support children's engagement and feedback

Remote Learning User Agreement 

Remote Learning iPad loan agreement

In addition to our remote learning there are also generic sites that children can access. For further information please click in the relevant link. 





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