Trewirgie Junior School

Recovery curriculum

Strategic Recovery Plan for Children’s Wellbeing and Learning

As we return to school this September we are very aware that, for many of our school community, children, staff and families, the impact of Covid 19 has had a significant impact on their lived lives. For some families , this period has been an amazing time, when they have reconnected with each other and had time to spend time together engaged in fulfilling and meaningful experiences. For others, this period of time has accentuated feelings of isolation, fear and developed a growing problem with mental health.

For our children, school finished very abruptly in March with the severing of friendships, structures, routines and freedoms. Many will have listened to the news and heard about the impact of this virus. Sadly for some of our families they will have suffered from bereavement too.

In our return to school, we have amended and adapted our practice to ensure that we enable our children to return to school and reconnect with their learning, friendships and wider life.

Below is a simple overview of the key changes for this year.





Grief and Loss

Approaches to Learning

The Wider Curriculum

Catch up Funding








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