Trewirgie Junior School


 In order to maintain regular reading during lockdown, we arranged for the children to have access to Accelerated Reading using E books. This ensured that they had a wide variety of books to choose from and were still able to take their quizzes when completing a book. We now know that, if faced by another lockdown, we are ready and prepared for this vital aspect of a child's learning to continue. 

Since September 2020, the children have been given access to an exciting new library and hundreds of new books have been purchased for this and class libraries. This has helped to create a real buzz of excitement about reading across the school.

 We are aware that some children, particularly in the lower school, have gaps in their reading, including their awareness of phonics. In order to support them, they have been assessed and now take part in a 30-minute phonic intervention each morning. 

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