Trewirgie Junior School

School Letters

Here you will find letters that have been emailed out to parents recently

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This weeks letters:


16th October 20019 Y6 Bikability 


Previous Letters

11th October 2019 Opening Evening

11th October 2019 Barton Hall Year 6 Camp

 10th October 2019 Replacement t-shirts for Mr Williams

 8th October 2019 Y5&Y6 Football Tournament

7th September 2019 Year 6 North Forte Visit

30th September 2019 Y3 Trips and Workshops

30th September 2019 Y3&Y4 Football Tournament

1st October 2019 Y5 Why Leave Earth?

3rd October 2019 Y5 Space Topic

3rd October 2019 Y5&Y6 Football Match V Bodriggy School





Previous Letters

11th July 2019

Year 4 (2019) Porthcurno and Explorer Dome


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Milk Letter (Whole school) - paid

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