Trewirgie Junior School

Scarlet Fever

We have been informed that parents are having a debate on Facebook about a supposed Scarlet Fever epidemic at Trewirgie Junior School.  

We can confirm that, as of today, we have NO children in or absent from school with Scarlet Fever that we are aware of.  We would like to re-iterate that if any parent has any concerns about school they should contact the school and not use social media to speculate. 

If your child is diagnosed with any contagious disease your GP will inform you to let the school know. We would then in turn inform the school community. We also have access to the school nurse so if you have any queries at all please contact the school office in the first instance and we can help answer your question or point you in the right direction.

Whilst Facebook is there for you to discuss issues please be very careful that you do not create or escalate problems without first knowing the full facts.  We thank you for your continued co-operation.

The following link will take you to the NHS page where you can view more information about scarlet fever, what it is and symptoms.


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