Trewirgie Junior School

Our topic for the Summer Term 2023 is.......

'What lies beneath?'


To find the pearls in life’s ocean, you have to venture out far past the shore.


Our fabulous summer topic for Year 6 will incorporate lots of fishy tales with sea creatures, sailors and all that lurks beneath….

We will endeavour to cover our curriculum in as fun and immersive a way as possible with our legacy culminating in an interactive gallery experience. Parents, friends and carers will be invited to our display of Art, Sculpture and workshops, where our children will pass on their skills and expertise.  Work will include 3D clay and paper sculptures, both real and imagined, pencil, charcoal, pastel and oil sea creatures and mechanical, cam-driven 3D automata toys.


In computing and technology we will create website pages and a persuasive film advert to promote our art and automata products at our gallery experience. 


Our camp, activity week and field trips will focus on the field-work, outdoor aspects of Cornwall’s geography and how our rivers and sea, sculpt our beautiful coastline.  Our trip to the Plymouth Aquarium will inspire our children to ask pertinent questions and inform our Art and Science explorations.

In music, we will focus on composing, appreciating and performing; we will look at the themes of Celebrations and Reggae. This will of course, feed into our own performance at our end of term extravaganza staged at The Regal.


Religion and PSHE will be central strands to this topic as we explore various cultural, religious and ethical beliefs and try to determine how we feel about our own evolving personality and values. We will focus on changes to our body through puberty and readiness for the next stage at secondary school, exploring on adaption and resilience skills.


In Science we will learn about material and their properties so that we can suit out the bravest of fishermen, to meet the challenge of the ever-changing Cornish weather. We will carry out a fair test and make detailed observations, representing our findings in a variety of ways.

In our Evolution lessons, we will find our how living things have adapted over the millennia and how sea creatures have evolved into the multitudinous variety we observe around the world today in our local seas and in the oceans world-wide. This will consolidate our Plymouth Aquarium trip to give the children lots of experience and observations on which to draw.



Home Learning 

Every two weeks the children will be introduced to a new home learning challenge. These will be shared with you on Class DoJo. Each question will have a range of suggestions as to how they can share their understanding of each. They can select any way of demonstrating their understanding.


Across the term we hope that your child is curious enough to extend and deepen their learning and understanding further. Every two weeks each class will select a winning piece of work that shows innovation, creativity, depth of learning or original thinking.  


Please share any of their work on Class DoJo or bring into school with them. 

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Welcome to the Year 6 Team

Mrs. Hodson

Assistant Headteacher

Year Group lead

Class teacher  6H

Miss. Mancini

Class teacher  6M

Mrs. Tong

Class teacher 6T 

Miss Hulme

Class teacher 6A 

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