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Our topic for the Autumn Term 2022 is.......

'Could you survive war and conflict?'


“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

Malala Yousafzai

This Autumn we take our year 6’s on a journey back in time to WW2, where we examine the causes and repercussions of the outbreak of war around the world. We ask what it was like to be a Jew? How could we bomb proof our homes? How did youngsters feel, being separated from their loved ones? Have nations learned their lessons from historic devastation? Where in the world was affected?  & What was rationing?


During our second week we will dress up as evacuees and become fully immersed in the wartime experiences: hearing the air-raid sirens, carrying gas masks, being evacuated, knowing what to do in an air-raid, “digging for victory”, etc.


Our history-related topic will culminate in the production of an illustrated poetry book with the very best of our children’s War portraits and some emotive poetry and story recounts from our imagined experiences of war.  We hope these will be wholeheartedly received as we would like to sell them to raise funds for the Ukrainian refugees, to leave a positive and lasting legacy of hope and empathy towards our war-torn neighbours.


Our children will sing songs and dance to express the mood and emotion of their shared experiences and in this way we hope to build resilience, empathy, positivity and socially adept citizens of the future.


Any WW2 memorabilia would be gratefully received (and well taken care of) should any parents/grandparents own anything relevant that could enhance our immersive classrooms & topic. Thank you!

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