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Online Safety at Trewirgie Juniors

Spending time online is an important part of our lives, including school learning. At Trewirgie, children are taught about the benefits and hazards of life online, in focused sessions on online safety. 


Our vision statement and top tips for staying safe on line has been reviewed by our Online safety Champions and Online Safety lead, Mrs. Blatchford. 


‘The Internet is an incredible modern resource. It’s brilliant for finding information, learning, socialising and having fun. It’s important that we learn to use it safely and respectfully; understanding the powerful tools it provides for us to use, while also protecting ourselves.’


“Online safety at Trewirgie Junior School is an example of outstanding practice that is embedded throughout school culture and ethos, coming naturally to all staff and pupils. Staff and governors are passionate about the safety and education of their pupils, a whole team effort is evident from my visit today.” Online Safety Mark Assessment report, July 2019


The pandemic has made it even more of a challenge for children to stay safe. To help with this our Online Safety Champions have created some new Mr Men characters to help children with this. These SAFE rules will really help us all to stay safe. 

Our parents have a responsibility to keep us safe online too. Here is a booklet that will help parents with this. Click the link here

 We positively encourage parents to discuss the safe use of technology with their children, and to take an active role in monitoring their child’s safe online usage. We are very happy to support parents with this.

The school's online safety coordinator is Mrs Aly Blatchford and she can be contacted through the school office on 01209 215238 or via email: 


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