Trewirgie Junior School

   Learning to LearN Experts

At Trewirgie Junior School we recognise the importance of developing ourselves as learners. In order to be effective learners in Maths, English, Science, and indeed any other subject children need to develop a wider set of learning skills. At Trewirgie we have developed 6 key ‘Learning to Learn’ skills. These are perseverance, curiosity, citizenship, learning together, reflection and thinking.Whilst learning children are supported and taught to develop these key skills. Each week in our celebration assembly a child from each class shares which aspect of their learning (curiosity etc) they have excelled in and why. This becomes very powerful learning. To see our skills please click here 


In June 2019 we invited applications form children who have been able to consistently demonstrate that they can apply all 7 skills from one of the Learning to Learn skills. These children have now become our Expert Learners! Part of their new role will be to support and facilitate the learning of others across the school, in their chosen skill.


Click on the photos below to find out more about what they do.

Thinking Experts



Curiosity Experts


Learning Together Experts



Citizenship Experts




Perseverance Experts





Reflection Experts






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