Trewirgie Junior School

                         Learning to LearN Experts

At Trewirgie Junior School we recognise the importance of developing ourselves as learners. In order to be effective learners in Maths, English, Science, and indeed any other subject children need to develop a wider set of learning skills. At Trewirgie we have developed 6 key ‘Learning to Learn’ skills. These are perseverance, curiosity, citizenship, learning together, reflection and thinking.Whilst learning children are supported and taught to develop these key skills. Each week in our celebration assembly a child from each class shares which aspect of their learning (curiosity etc) they have excelled in and why. This becomes very powerful learning. To see our skills please click here 


In June 2019 we invited applications form children who have been able to consistently demonstrate that they can apply all 7 skills from one of the Learning to Learn skills. These children have now become our Expert Learners! Part of their new role will be to support and facilitate the learning of others across the school, in their chosen skill.

Thinking Experts:

We think being a ‘Thinking Expert is a privilege, as we get to help others around the school and are recognised in our role as an ‘Expert’.  Being a ‘Thinking Expert’ allows us to boost the confidence of others as well as our own. We are able to assist other children with their learning, challenge them and therefore help other learners to realise their potential.  We always think through all our decisions and consider the best approach to achieve our outcome. As Learning Experts we will always put 100% into every task to achieve the very best we can for both the school, the children and ourselves.


Curiosity Experts:

Our job as ‘Curiosity Experts’ is to broaden the minds of others and open the door to asking questions about anything which sparks their curiosity.  We also give other children the courage to ask questions, to challenge your friends and to seek extra information from their teacher.  We encourage them to do their ‘Noughts and Crosses’ as it shows that not only are they curious but that they want to show others what makes them curious. The reason we love being ‘Curiosity Experts’ is that we can help to open up another persons mind to finding answers to what puzzles them, we can help them to explore the world around them and see the impact that it will have on their learning. We love seeing others become ‘Curiosity Experts’ themselves!            


Learning Together Experts

Our role as ‘Learning Together Experts’ is to help and engage other to work together as a team. We have many qualities which include: being trustworthy and reliable, positive in any situation, good communicators, kind and compassionate to everyone and being able to make others feel at ease.  We hope to help others to become ‘Learning Together Experts’ by encouraging children to work together, share ideas and respect the opinion of others. Working in teams isn't easy but we hope to help the learners at our school to support each other, compromise when needed but also challenge each other if it will help the learning experience of everyone.



Citizenship Experts:

Our role as ‘Citizenship Experts’ is to look after you and your friends.  Being a good citizen means being a kind and caring person to others, realising how our behaviour can affect other people and being respectful of everyones views. We are open minded and confident individuals, who can look at things from a different perspective and help others to do the same.  In our role we hope to help you to become good citizens and help everyone to realise how individual and special we all are.




Perseverance Experts:

 As a “Perseverance Expert’ I recognise the importance of always trying my best, even when I get stuck or don’t know what to do. I am honoured that I was chosen for this role.  My job around the schools includes: helping others to learn new skills, persevering with challenging tasks and helping others to look for solutions to problems. As a learner myself I appreciate that learning is challenging but I have self belief in myself and hope to help others realise their potential and that they can be successful in their learning too!




Reflection Experts:

As ‘Reflection Experts’ we are enthusiastic learners and will take part in any activities that are on offer at Trewirgie Junior School.  We are patient, friendly and positive in everything that we do and can talk confidently about our own learning.  As Experts we would like to help others identify what helps them to learn, what have been their successes and what they might do, to be even better! We want to recognise and celebrate other children achievements and good work but also help them to fix their mistakes - to become better learners.





"My Best Always"