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Geography helps children make sense of their place in the world and is central to their development as informed, active and responsible citizens.


This area of learning encourages children to investigate the world around them, from local to global. They learn about the impact of their actions on the planet and understand the importance of developing a future that is sustainable. 


Through the studying of geography children will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and a sense of belonging. They will see how societies are organised and shaped by people’s values and actions, and how communities can live and work together.


Geography is a key focus in two out of the three projects each year. The school has devised a clear progression of knowledge, skills and understanding. This enables the children to build on their locational and place knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of physical and human geography, as they move through the school. As part of their learning they also develop a progressive knowledge of maps and fieldwork skills.


Each new project also introduces children to a range of clear and identified vocabulary. This, alongside key knowledge enables our disadvantaged and SEND children greater access to the ‘cultural capital.’


Following the teaching of key information the children are set a challenge to enable them to use and apply their learning. This supports the investigative and purposeful approach to learning that the school employs. This approach also supports the development of milestones and how they work towards the final legacy outcome.


Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement 

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Geography strategies for children with SEND








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