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Design Technology 

 If you’ve ever watched children at play, you’ll know they’re fascinated with how things work. Children’s natural inquisitiveness really comes into play in this subject. Through Design Technology children get to  look at real-world technologies and problems and explore how they can try to solve these. This exploration and discovery also enables children to develop their creative thinking skills.

There are many links between this subject and Maths and Science. Here, the children will draw on this knowledge and understanding when engaged in this subject.

Our Design Technology Education is divided into three core areas:

  • Structures
  • Food
  • Mechanisms

Each term the children will study one of these aspects. They will be taught the key knowledge and skills for these. Following this they will be given a Design Technology challenge, where they will apply their knowledge and skills and combine this with their unique ideas and creative thinking.


Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement 

Design Technology Content 

Design Technology strategies for supporting children with SEND

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