Trewirgie Junior School


Through implementing a purposeful approach to learning, we believe that our children leave a legacy for future learners and generations to come.  Our curriculum design is broad and balanced and progressively builds on skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding year on year. Our Teaching for Effective Learning Policy illustrates how we develop learning and learners across the school. The current Curriculum Framework can be found here


Each subject has a very clear and progressive range of knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding that are built on each year. Each subject page gives an overview of the subject. In addition to this children's learning incorporates the school’s Learning to Learn skills: Learning together, Citizenship, Perseverance, Thinking, Reflection and Curiosity. These 6 skills are shaped by the school’s 6 key values.


Our curriculum is fully inclusive and enables all children, including those with disabilities and SEN, to access the learning and achieve. 


We believe that our curriculum gives children real opportunities to develop key social skills, to understand the difference between right and wrong, to explore their own spirituality, show respect, celebrate difference and diversity and understand the values that underpin a democratic society.

Enterprise plays a key part in our curriculum with this being a focus for one project each academic year. This approach recognises the importance of developing children who are resilient, innovative and intellectually curious – all key characteristics of entrepreneurs. This allows our children to enhance their soft skills too,  often voiced as lacking by employers, and learn the value of contributing to support others on a local and global level.








Religious Education



Design Technology

PE and Dance





  If you like to find out any more about our curriculum please contact Mrs Sargent through the school office or email

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