Trewirgie Junior School

Approaches to learning


Learning, pedagogy and metacognition

As a school we will continue to have a clear focus on children’s ability to articulate their learning.  As part of our approach to learning we encourage an investigative approach where children are encouraged to ask questions, identified knowledge, skills and strategies needed and reflect on their learning approaches too.

Our delivery of the wider curriculum supports this too where, for each stage of learning the children begin with direct instruction and teacher exposition, through to problem solving, practice and reflection into open ended learning and discovery.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to be active participants in their learning, through exploration and questioning. This approach encourages children to ‘make mistakes’ in their learning which not only helps them to learn better, but enables them to develop greater resilience, essential for good mental health.


Inevitably there have been 'gaps' in children's learning and we have looked, and will continue to look carefully at our priorities linked to these and how they will continue to develop depth of learning across the wider curriculum. 












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